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Best Marketing Strategies for Golf Instructors and Pros

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As a golf instructor or professional, you know teaching students isn’t the hard part. Years of expertise mean you can help almost any newbie reach their goals.

The real struggle is marketing to potential students and convincing them to choose you. It’s a numbers game in many ways—the more people you reach, the more people will hire you.

But reaching people without wasting your time and money in the process? It’s a delicate balance. That’s why we’ve rounded up the 8 best marketing strategies for golf instructors and pros. In just a few minutes, you’ll have a full roster of actionable ideas to grow your client base.

1. Local SEO

Local SEO (short for Local “search engine optimization”) means optimizing your website to rank highly in Google Maps in your area. In a nutshell, when someone locally searches “golf instructors near me,” your website is one of the top Google Map results.

Did you know 28.5% of people click the first result in their Google search? Just imagine how your business can grow once you take control of that top spot. You’ll need to do some research or hire a golf marketing company, but it’s well worth the investment.

2. Social Media

Social media marketing is using social media networks (like Instagram and Facebook) to promote your services. As of Q1 2022, 58% of the world’s population engage with social media daily—basically, you’re missing more than half of your potential clients if you forego social media.

Facebook and Instagram are visual platforms, while Twitter revolves around text. Use eye-catching images or videos when you post on Facebook or Instagram. For Twitter, focus on sharing helpful tips and industry news.

What Social Media Platform Do Golfers Use?

Golfers use different social media platforms depending on their age, but you’ll typically find them on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. It’s smart to engage with golfers on each platform because you can reach a broader audience.

Think about age groups you’re targeting and customize your posts accordingly. Facebook users are between age 25 to 54, while most Instagram users are between age 18 to 29.

3. Content Marketing

Your new secret weapon in this modern age is content marketing. Many people today don’t respond to traditional ads like past generations. Instead, your potential customers want to feel valued before spending a dime.

Content marketing means publishing useful content—think how-to blogs, quick tips, and instructional videos. Pulling back the curtain on your expertise by sharing helpful content free-of-charge convinces people you’re worth hiring.

4. Ad Campaigns

Even though younger people respond better to content marketing, ad campaigns are still very effective. The secret to success? Knowing what works before you publish a single ad.

Content is often free to post—you don’t pay anything extra to publish on social media or your website. Ads, however, are usually pay-per-click. You’re charged every time someone clicks on your ad, whether they ultimately buy from you or not.

But a targeted, well-written ad can pay off again and again so long as you invest in research first. Whether you do it yourself or hire a company specializing in golf marketing, this upfront investment makes all the difference between a successful ad campaign and a flop.

5. Directory Sites and Golf Websites

Think of golf websites and directory sites as a new iteration of your local Chamber of Commerce. Whether your business is new or established, you’ll link up with businesses who offer complementary services.

If someone is shopping for golf gear, they’re likely to be interested in lessons. Building this online/grassroots hybrid network can bring you customers who would’ve never found you otherwise.

6. Organic SEO

The difference between local versus organic SEO is nuanced, but important. While local SEO means optimizing based on location, organic SEO means focusing on content. A website with great organic SEO will show up first when people search things like “best beginner golf tips from pros.”

Ideally, you’ll employ both types to grow your business. Organic SEO attracts customers from all over the country, or even globally. If you sell services digitally (think videos or books), start with organic SEO. If your services are in-person only, focus on local SEO first.

7. Promotional Products

Promotional products (like branded merchandise) still serve a purpose in this digital age. The goal with this marketing strategy is inspiring people to choose you over your competitors, or at least remember your name.

Picture sponsoring a local golf tournament. Maybe you foot the bill for branded golf bags, sunglasses, or even umbrellas.

Can you imagine how many new potential customers might be interested in hiring you, once they see your name on gear used at their favorite tournament?

8. Influencer Marketing

Today, influencers drive growth for brands across the globe. Potential customers trust influencers because they’re “just like us,” rather than paid celebrities.

When you hire an influencer, their followers hear authentically about what makes you great. No ads or pitches involved. Because people today don’t respond as well to cold outreach, influencers are now your fast lane to new customers.

What is a Golf Influencer?

A golf influencer is someone who has a large number of followers online but is still seen as a non-famous normal person. Because the influencer isn’t a celebrity, followers relate to this person and trust their opinions like they’d trust friends or family.

That’s why partnering with a golf influencer is a great “in” with potential clients—the influencer does the selling and convincing, while you sit back and watch new students enroll.

Are There Marketing Companies Specialized in Golf Marketing?

Yes, there are marketing companies who specialize in golf marketing. You see, golf is a unique niche—it’s essential in the eyes of people who appreciate the sport, but uninformed folks don’t understand this perspective.

In a nutshell, one of the best marketing strategies for golf instructors and pros alike is simply hiring a marketing company that specializes in golf. You might have to spend a bit more than you would with a ‘general purpose’ marketing company, but your investment will pay off in spades.

Are you sick of marketing campaigns that feel like rooting around a water hazard for lost balls? Just contact us today to tee up your business for success.

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